A Very Small Holding

The Elliffs journey into the good life


A very uneventful time

Sophia meets her cousins for the first time

Sophia meets her cousins for the first time

Due to Sophia’s arrival we had taken time away from our little smallholding to establish a new routine. A second child required both parents full attention; managing the demands of a new born and those of an unruly toddler. It would be some time before we were able to share any more uninterrupted peaceful hours on our allotment.

We took our first trip south to visit my parents and present our new daughter to my extended family. Our neighbours feed and watered the chickens while we had a short holiday away from the house.

Although the needs of our daughters remained we were able to relax for a few days in the company of my parents, without the additional need to clean the house, cook four meals and shop for groceries.

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